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Point of Pittsburgh
The Point of Pittsburgh: Production and Struggle
at the Forks of the Ohio
By Charles McCollester - visit the website

The epic tale of Western Pennsylvania's influence on the world, and vice-versa. Over 600 pages, with illustrations.

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Out of This Furnace
Women of Steel
— video - email for availability
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Produced by Beth Destler, Steffi Domike, Linny Stoval, Allyn Stewart.
Director/Editor: Randy Strothman, University Center for Instructional Resources, University of Pittsburgh. Camera: Barbara Freeman.
Title song: Maria Hust, Stanley Richardson and CoCo Coleman.
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Out of This Furnace
Out of This Furnace
A walking tour of Thomas Bell's novel
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BHF member Dave Demarest has done much to keep heritage alive. Besides his efforts regarding the Pump House, he is a prime mover in preserving the Carnegie Library in Braddock (the first), Maxo Vanka's unique and fascinating murals, and the resurrection of Thomas Bell's "Out of This Furnace"; the famous tale of immigrant Slovak life in the steel industry. In this short VHS (20 min.) Dave takes us an a tour of the actual scenes of Bell's novel. Produced by Steffi Domike, with Sheila Maniar, Lenni Todd, and Dave Saz.

The River Ran Red
The River Ran Red —
Homestead 1892 - email for availability
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 Compilation of events
taken from reports, images, and writings of the time.



This 16" x 24" poster, in fourteen panels, comic book style- summarizes the Battle of Homestead from the perspective of an immigrant laborer and his wife.
Illustrations by Bill Yund.
Signed copies.

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William Sylvis
William Sylvis, Pioneer of American Labor
By Jonathan P. Grossman - email for availability

William Sylvis was one of the most important and influential
people of his time, yet largely unknown today. Learn of his amazing
life and era. You'll wonder why you never knew.

William Sylvis
The Miners of Windber - email for availability

Mildred Beik's detailed and impressive account of the enormous power wielded by a mining corporation over every aspect of life in a central Pennsylvania mining town, and the resulting struggles of miners.

Monongahela Dusk
Monongahela Dusk - email for availability

"Monongahela Dusk", a tough story of the Monongahela Valley in the 30s and 40s, is John Hoerr's first fictional novel, published by Autumn House Press. Set against the social and labor turmoil of the era, Hoerr tells a gritty tale of a rebellious coal miner and and a beer salesman who find themselves joined together in a murder mystery full of intrigue and danger.

Mr. Hoerr is a McKeesport native, journalist and historian. He is a former editor and writer for Business Week, and a former producer at WQED. His non-fiction works include "And the Wolf Finally Came" chronicling the decline of the steel industry; "We Can't Eat Prestige", an account of mostly female employee's attempt to organize the staff of Harvard University, and "Harry, Tom, and Father Rice", an account of often scurrilous attempts to expel suspected communists from the union representing Western Electric workers in the 1950s

Other Recommended Titles

"Homestead: A Complete History of the Struggle of July, 1892, between the Carnegie Steel Company, Ltd, and the Amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers." 
by Arthur G. Burgoyne.
Illustrated. 1893. Very rare, but worth it if you can get it.

"Homestead: The Glory And Tragedy Of An American Steel Town"
By  William Serrin, 1992

"The Battle for Homestead, 1880–1892 Politics, Culture, and Steel"
By Paul Krause, 1992

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