BHF Members Contribute!

We want to highlight contributions of our members who make a name for themselves!

Jennifer Rempel has announced that The State Museum of Pennsylvania, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Heritage Foundation, has chosen her painting “Blessed Mother Jones” for inclusion in the 53rd annual “Art of the State” show, a juried exhibition that opens at the State Museum on September 13, 2020. The 35” x 78” pencil, acrylic and latex portrait is a tribute to the legendary union organizer and community activist who fought for workers’ rights in the Pittsburgh region and beyond. “Blessed Mother Jones” is one of a series of portraits Jennifer painted last year to honor trailblazing women.

Jennifer Rempel was also featured in the April 2020 “Portraits” edition of the Heinz History Center’s quarterly magazine. Writer Bette McDevitt article showcases her portraits of labor rights activist Mother Jones, environmental activist Rachel Carson, Homestead-born jazz-funk pioneer Betty Mabry Davis, and Janina Pagosa, Jennifer’s Polish immigrant grandmother who marched with the suffragettes. Click this link to order a copy:

Homestead Steel Mill: The Final Ten Years: Local 1397 and the Fight for Union Democracy 

Mike Stout’s book, Homestead Steel Mill: The Final Ten Years: Local 1397 and the Fight for Union Democracy, a well-constructed and splendidly illustrated memoir, is about a special place and time, but it also serves as a window on a social insurgency that can provide inspiration for future social progress. It is a story of skilled workers who proudly got their hands dirty – an industrial world of crane men, machinists, mechanics, millwrights, laborers and electricians that once dominated a region; who also combined working class culture as writers, poets musicians, cartoonists and even lawyers.