Earth Day 2020

We are declaring a Climate Emergency and calling for everyone to be involved in making Earth Day Every Day from now on! Join the wonderful events online in Pittsburgh:

10 Green things that could return Pittsburgh to the jungle

By L.E. McCullough – on, April 20, 2020

DECADES BEFORE the first Earth Day in 1970, there were discerning dreamers who urged their contemporaries to envision a greener urban future.

One was Haniel Long, English Department chair during the 1920s at Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie Mellon University), who wrote an unusual 1,100-word short story for the June 20, 1923 issue of The Nation.

“How Pittsburgh Returned to the Jungle” traced the extraordinary, yet plausible series of unintended events stemming from an accidental piece of local legislation that transformed industrial Pittsburgh into a globally acclaimed, smog-free utopia of scenic beauty and abundant prosperity.

It was wishful fiction, of course, and a few years later Long moved to the New Mexico desert to escape Pittsburgh’s infamously unhealthy air. To read Larry McCullough’s article CLICK HERE

A salute to our Fridays for future youth and the anti-plastics movement, and tribute to the youth who are standing up for Mother Earth.

Teaching Climate Justice and Celebrating Earth Day in a Pandemic

This year’s Earth Day arrives at a moment when one global crisis —- the COVID-19 pandemic —- is layered over another: the climate crisis. Both highlight vast inequality —- based on race, class, and nationality —- and both require that educators of conscience do everything we can to help students make sense of these crises, and give students opportunities to take action. Students can join this week’s three-day extravaganza CLICK HERE

From April 22, the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, to April 24, activists, performers, thought leaders, and artists will come together for an empowering, inspiring, and communal three-day livestream mobilization. 

A powerful statement and salute to Greta and those on the front lines defending Our Mother Earth, including our local youth.

Pittsburgh Earth Day 2020 to be Celebrated in August

The City of Pittsburgh is rescheduling their Earth Day Celebration Week. The events originally centered around the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day April 22, 2020 were focused on the theme “Earth Day, Every Day”. The events will now be held in August. Here is a list of events, dates and locations.

Friday, August 14 and Saturday August 15: Go Green at Market Square
Saturday, August 22: Growing up Green at Schenley Plaza
Thursday, August 27: Sustainable Business Breakfast at the Fairmont Hotel
Friday, August 28: Ecolution Fashion Show at Carnegie Museum
Sunday, April 29: Earth to Table Dinner at Kingfly Distillery
Throughout the Month: Eco Film Showcase / Various Locations