National History Day

The Battle of Homestead Foundation welcomes students and teachers who may be interested in using the story of the 1892 battle with this year’s NHD theme of

 Triumph & Tragedy in History.

Feel free to explore our website for research and consider a visit to the Pump House as a Primary Source for your project. Below is a short fact sheet for you to download and print out, Also, feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

 But first, we want to tell about a success story from this past year’s competition!

Robyn, Sophia, and Amelia visited the Pump House and talked about their award winning exhibit.

Young Historians Honored for their National History Day Winning Exhibit on the Battle of Homestead

The 2018 theme was Conflict and Compromise in History. A group exhibit in the Junior category became one of the most rewarded entries using the Battle of Homestead as the topic. Students Robyn, Sophia, and Amelia, eighth-graders at Peters Township Middle School, tackled the theme and concluded there was...Read More »

Here’s  some information about using the Battle of Homestead for your 2019 project:

The Battle of Homestead NHD

Here’s our downloadable narrative about the Battle:

Making a theme connection:

Theme_MN_2019 has a great site dealing with Writing Your Thesis Statement. “In the following activities, you will learn how to develop an argument, or thesis statement. The thesis statement is the basis of your research project and explains why a historical person or event is important. You will also learn how to write your thesis statement so that it answers the questions, “Who? What? Where? When? Why does it matter?” Click Here for more information!

Visiting an historical site is considered a Primary Source and that’s important to the Battle of Homestead! You can come to the Pump House in Homestead, PA and tour the site of the 1892 conflict.

Primary? Secondary? Here’s a great video to explain the difference:

Here’s the NHD primer: