Request For Proposals ~ Feasibility Study

Professional consulting services are sought to undertake a Feasibility Study for creating a Labor Heritage Center in Homestead or Munhall, PA; including the convening of community, government and stakeholder meetings, information gathering and research to evaluate potential sites and determine costs of constructing the Center, identifying and contacting prospective partners and future funders for design and construction of the Center, evaluating plans for making the Center sustainable, and writing a final Executive Summary of the Study to be used by The Battle of Homestead Foundation to determine feasibility.


The Feasibility Study has, at its core, a number of important purposes:

I. To determine what this Labor Heritage Center will be; its mission and function (in terms of preserving labor history, convening meaningful events and discussion to propel students and workers into the future; examining and addressing future work trends, becoming a regional labor history tourism attraction and economic incubator for the region; raising the profile of the region as a forward-thinking center for future labor / management collaborations).
II. To make possible a Labor Heritage facility that will house and preserve important archival material from labor groups and other sources nationally and internationally.
III. To create the necessary plan and evaluation criteria for locating and building this Labor Heritage Center, which will continue the work of collecting oral histories and artifacts from labor’s past, as well as:

   A. Be a resource for a broad range of students, historians, scholars and researchers.
   B. Become a new tourist attraction that dovetails with the Bost Building, Pump House, and Carrie Furnace sites, in addition to other institutions such as the Senator John Heinz  Regional History Center.
   C. Form the hub for cutting-edge discussions, seminars, conferences, online forums and think-tanks regarding labor and work trends — becoming both a “virtual” and a physical meeting space. (These can also be parlayed into a source of sustainable funding for the Center).
   D. Take the lead on presenting engaging events, interactive exhibits and displays that carry labor’s story and messages to future generations.

Funding for The Battle of Homestead’s Labor Heritage Center Feasibility Study has been provided in full by the following sources: a grant from the Pa. Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) and matching Battle of Homestead Foundation funds.


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