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In this excellent moving film, Michael

Moore takes on the task of

examining the serious […]

Fahrenheit 11/9


Here’s a place for your voice!

What do you like, what would

you want to […]

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First Committee to Report! Public Relations

Committee Meeting, April 9, 2019 In

Attendance: Joni Rabinowitz, […]

Committee/Workgroup Notes

With the armistice ending the First

World War, signed November 11, 1918,

manufacturing demand fell […]

Why Remember 1919?


Battle of Homestead Board Directors Meeting

Monday, December 3, 2018, EatʼnʼPark, Waterfront

Present: Rosemary Trump, […]

Board Minutes

The Battle of Homestead Foundation welcomes

students and teachers who may be

interested in using […]

National History Day