Bronze plaque by sculptor Brian Reneski

bronzeIRThis bronze plaque by sculptor Brian Reneski is based on the famous lithograph by Edwin Rowe. (see 1892 Battle page)

The casting is installed outside at the left end of the Pump House, facing the Pemicky train bridge, as pictured in the engraving.

The plaque includes the Declaration of the Strike Committee, composed of the amalgamated Association of Iron and Steel Workers and the Homestead Assembly of the Knights of Labor, dated July 20, 1892. Here is the opening statement:

“The employees in the mill of Messrs. Carnegie, Phipps & Co., at Homestead, Pa., have built there a town with its homes, its schools and its churches; have for many years been faithful co-workers with the company in the business of the mill; have invested thousands of dollars of their savings in said mill in the expectation of spending their lives in Homestead and of working in the mill during the period of their efficiency. . . .”