The Point of Pittsburgh


Charles McCollester’s epic story, “The Point of Pittsburgh: Production and Struggle at the Forks of the Ohio” was published in 2009 by BHF.

More than a regional book, it tells the story of how the people and events of Western Pennsylvania played a major part in forming the world we have today.

From the “first World War” (the French and Indian War) to the first oil well and the development of steel, to the first nuclear power plant, the hills and valleys of this region have shaped history as few other places have. People from all over the Earth immigrated to this place, and the things they did here rippled back around the globe. It also tells a tale of the very uncommon “common man”.

McCollester says; “…No history of Pittsburgh could be told without (Carnegie, Mellon, and Frick). But most of this book … is about the indians and the workers… those who first stood at the Forks… who dug the coal, tended the furnaces, who wrested iron, steel, glass, and aluminum from raw material, …the unsung heroes and heroines whose lives burned with the light of genius. ”

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