The Pump House Banners Note Cards: Set of 15 Cards, $24.00




The many, large windows posed a problem for events at the Pump House during the day – we needed shades. BHF had the shades do double duty with informational images painted on them by our resident artist, Bill Yund.

There are fifteen banners. Eleven banners depict Homestead steel workers of each decade from 1880 to 1980, taken from various photos and resources of each era. The other four show scenes of the mill; an open hearth, a Bessemer blow, an interior scene  and a typical scene of mills and a mill town by the river.

We have reproduced the banners as note cards and bookmarks to let the public enjoy the artwork and to appreciate the history narrative by decades. We have Fifteen note cards, with envelopes, replicas of Bill Yund’s iconic workers banners at the historic Pump House, the sole surviving structure from the Battle of Homestead in 1892. On the back of each note card is a description of the individual decade panel, telling the story of the workers in that time period.

The note cards are 8″ inches by 3 1/4″ inches, and envelopes are included. The price for one set of 15 cards is $24.00, which includes shipping and handling.