Committee/Workgroup Notes

by Feb 13, 2019For Members Only!


BHF Standing Committees (6)

Finance Committee. Develop the annual budget, keep accurate financial records, and meet all required non-profit legal, federal, and state statuses, and tax reporting requirements.

Membership. Recruit new members, maintaining accurate membership lists, prepare and send out annual dues’ notices, thanks for donations, membership cards, and welcoming new members.

Public Relations.  Prepare and distribute press releases, calendar, and media announcements and other publicity materials.  Work with Program Events Planning and the printer around design and production of the program calendar. Prepare a monthly online member Newsletter, coordinate with Digital/Online subcommittee.

Program Events Planning. Solicit ideas and proposals for our April to October season; finalize proposals and dates and secure venues; solicit information from each sponsor and prepare write-ups/graphics for each event to go on our calendars, fliers, website, emails, etc.


– Get Volunteers for each Event! Set up/stage the events at the venue, address any parking lot issue.

– Work with the sponsors/organizers of each event and arrange to procure additional items they might need.

– Arrange for refreshments and people to distribute materials, sell books, bookmarks, set up donation jars.

– Greet attendees and sign-in people interested in joining our mailing list.

– Collect and count all money. Keep accurate sales/donations tally forms and give money and forms to the Treasurer or Finance Committee chairperson or another designated person.

Long Range Planning. Incorporate the mission of the organization into long range goals. Develop a strategic plan with possible methods to achieve those goals. Redefine Mission Statement as needed.

Subcommittees (2)

Digital/Online. Update website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and BHF emails, as needed. Work with various committees and work groups to coordinate Members Only online posts of upcoming events and material to include in that section of the website. (subcommittee of Public Relations and Program Events Planning)

Merchandising.   Keep inventory of books, CD’s and brochures, and other items for sale. Maintain accurate pricing. Research and order more books/CD’s and other materials. (subcommittee of Hospitality/Logistics)

Ad Hoc Committees and Work Groups (6)

BHF Archives collection and storage. Develop a plan to gather, consolidate and temporarily store BHF archives. Propose plan and budget to Board.

Development. Develop fund-raising strategies and appeals, and assist in grant research and writing.

Education/Schools.  Develop programs and work with school students and teachers, and the Rivers of Steel Education staff to create curriculum on the Battle of Homestead, local Homestead area, and labor history.

Labor Heritage Center. The Working Group steering the Labor Center Feasibility Process.

Historians on Call. Be available for phone and/or email conversations with students, and other organizations and parties concerned with our mission.

Video. Produce videos of events, displays, and record other talks and presentations. Upload to YouTube.


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