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About The Pump House

After the dismantling of the historic Homestead Steel Works in the 1980s, then-owner Park Corporation performed restorative work on the Pump House. In 1996, BHF was formed in response to Park’s efforts, developing plans for a minimalist interpretive program for the site. Park welcomed the initiatives, and subsequent owners and developers, Continental Real Estate, also proved hospitable. Today the site is owned and benevolently operated by Rivers of Steel National Heritage Corporation, who also offer many educational programs, tours, and events related to the Pump House as well as other local points of interest.


The Pump House then…

This photo, from The Illustrated American July 23, 1892, shows the Pump House at the time of the battle. Below it run the tracks that carried a flaming rail car in an attempt to ignite the Pinkerton barges at the landing.

Currently on display at the United Steel Worker’s Headquarters in Pittsburgh, this interactive model of the battle by Don Sentner is one of three projects commissioned by BHF in 2004. Viewers can push panel buttons to illuminate spots in the display where various actions occurred. For more on this project and others, go to the Projects Page.


A news reporter covering a poetry reading at the Pump House wrote that it was the first time he had heard poetry at the scene of a murder. He was referring to the killing of John Faris, (also referred to as Peter Fares, and other spellings), found by a Pinkerton bullet as he looked down from a window of the Pump House.







The Pump House today…

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The Pump House today is a structurally sound building, but one that still evokes the feeling of 1892. Remnants of the original pumping mechanisms can be seen in the lower level, and part of the building has been configured for events. The Battle of Homestead Foundation presents programs, movies, lectures, poetry readings, music, and other events, from April to October every year. Check our calendar for more information.

The Rivers of Steel Heritage Area Corp. rents out the Pump House for events and you can call them at 412.464.4020, or Email:

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The Pump House is located at 880 East Waterfront Drive, Munhall, PA 15120

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