Young Historians Honored for their National History Day Winning Exhibit on the Battle of Homestead

by Sep 23, 2018Finished Projects, History, Latest Postings, National History Day, Projects, Student Participation, Videos

The 2018 theme was Conflict and Compromise in History. A group exhibit in the Junior category became one of the most rewarded entries using the Battle of Homestead as the topic. Students Robyn, Sophia, and Amelia, eighth-graders at Peters Township Middle School, tackled the theme and concluded there was no compromise with management and labor, and that caught the judges attention.

Their entry, “Frick’s Inability to Compromise: The Homestead Strike of 1892,” finished Second in the Regional Competition at Heinz History Center, and they were motivated to do more research and improve their project for the state competition. Their hard work paid of with a First Place Pennsylvania Award at Carlisle and a trip to the National Contest. Again, allowed to improve their presentation, they contacted BHF for more insight into the Battle and the aftermath. Armed with new information, and improved visuals, they were able to capture Third Place over entries from all 50 states and many foreign countries.

On August 15, 2018 we invited these young historians to the Pump House to give us the details of their project and to recognize them for their hard work.


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