Fascism in Today’s America: Can It Happen Here?

THURSDAY, Oct. 20, 2022 @ 7:30 p.m. The Battle of Homestead Foundation presents a free Zoom program by two U.S. and labor history professors, Joe White and Chuck Pennacchio, discussing the spread of Fascist movements in today’s America, their threat to working people … and how these movements can be defeated.

Fascism is in the air these days. Some people think the United States has passed the point of no return — that is, the fascists have already won. Others say not to worry, it can’t happen here. Still others talk about the likelihood of the fascism-friendly “Hard Right” gaining power for the indefinite future.

Starting with a brief history of fascism in the 20th century, the speakers will discuss the threat of fascism to working people in the 21st century and the means by which fascism can be defeated. More details here.

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