How the 1940s “Labor Board Crew” Revolutionized Union Mediation in America

ON Apr. 20, 2022, Battle of Homestead Foundation presents a free Zoom panel discussion of the new book The Labor Board Crew: Remaking Worker-Employer Relations from Pearl Harbor to the Reagan Era by Ronald W. Schatz with commentary by Dr. Schatz, labor historian Jack Metzgar and union organizer John Lepley.

The unlikely crew of technocrats and utopian reformers (including Clark Kerr, John Dunlop, Jean McKelvey, Marvin Miller) came together in 1942 by order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt as the National War Labor Board, charged with mediating labor disputes that might threaten U.S. wartime production.

After the war, the board’s “graduates” would go on to play important roles in shaping America’s economy and society for the next 50 years, handling thousands of grievances and strikes and impacting major legal decisions in civil rights, unions, student protests, school integration, professional sports and the end of the Cold War.

This Battle of Homestead Foundation program explores the “labor board crew’s” unique legacy and its application for labor organizers and mediators today.

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